Email Link in writer field or block type text

Hi there

I would like to ask whether there is a possibility in the “writer” field or in the block type “text” to insert an email link?

Thanks Robert

There currently isn’t although you could create a custom writer field with this option. There is a feature request here if you want to upvote it.

Hi texnixe,

thanks for your reply. I’m relatively new to kirby (I’ve been using processwire for 5 years, previously redaxo) and unfortunately I don’t yet know how and where I can create a feature request here. Since I am in the middle of several projects, unfortunately I haven’t found the time to deal with the custom fields.

Nevertheless, I think Kriby is brilliant and with the new field types I can finally use Kirby for less tech-savvy customers without hesitation … those who are unfortunately used to WISIWIG and would not appreciate markdown :slight_smile:

Can I find an example of this custom writer field somewhere or would someone have a hint for me?

Thanks for the answer and best regards,

Sorry, I forgot to post the link for upvoting: Missing email-mark in the new writer field · Kirby Feedback

There is no particular information on writing a custom writer field, just general information how to write your own fields or extend existing fields:

Since I haven’t had a closer look at the writer field internals yet, I don’t know how easy it would be to add custom marks.


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