Writer editor field – two headline questions

Hello community,

I have two questions at once for the “writer” field. I know, that I can define which block element can be shown in the writer field, but …

1.) Is it possible to define which headlines can be selected? In my case, I won’t allow the h1 and h2 in the writer field for the editors.

2.) Can I style the headlines inside the panel preview of the writer field? In my case, I need to use the h5 a lot – but this predefined preview style is a little small and there is no space after. So I want to optimize it a bit for the editors.

Thank you for your help or just a hint where I can find an answer.


Regarding the headline levels, please upvote this feature request on Nolt: Limit heading options in Writer field · Kirby Feedback

While this doesn’t exist yet, there is a plugin: GitHub - coralic/kirby-extended-writer: ✏️ Extended Writer supercharges Kirby's built-in Writer field with useful marks, nodes and features you wish were built-in

(Not sure if it is still working in current Kirby version though)

As regards the font-size, you can use a custom panel stylesheet. As far as I can see, there are not font-sizes defined for .k-writer .ProseMirror hx > x=3.

The plugin seams to work with the newest kirby version, this is fine for me. I upvoted this feature for the kirby core, of course. Writer is already really cool, but can be a bit more powerful. I also upvoted links to pages or files, cause this is also a usual feature for modern cms editors.

Custom stylesheets is also working.

Thank you very much for helping! Now I’m happy… :slight_smile:

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Have a look at this plugin regarding links and pages

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Thank you, I will have a look on that @David!