Kirby Project Hub Theme

I would like to announce the Kirby Project Hub Theme, a simple project management tool for freelance web designers and developers.

Kirby Project Hub is an intuitive client area for your website and allows you and your clients to quickly and easily monitor the progress of an ongoing project.


Congrats on the launch!
I didn’t have time to really test the beta, doing it right with the 1.0 :smile:

Quick question, is there a difference between the ‘editor’ and ‘admin’ roles?

thanks !

I did not use the editor role in my code.
Only the admin can see all projects when connected to the front end of the application.

I would like to thank the Kirby community for the nice comments and helpful feedback i received the last days.

Wietse Neven even send me a dutch language file for my project so I set up a github repo for translations.


I created a German language file (pull request).

Thank you very much !
If you want a copy of the theme, please contact me by email.

Version 1.1 of Kirby Project Hub is now available.

  • You can now add stand-alone pages to a project in addition to the intuitive timeline. This is very useful if you want to add a page for all the tasks that have to be completed or if you want to add a page with general information about the ongoing project.

  • Every item in the timeline can now link to a content page, a webpage on another site or a downloadable file.

  • This update also includes the latest version of the wonderful Kirby CMS.

If you want to try out this theme, i’ve added a “request free trial” button to the website.

Hi @groenewege I bought the Kirby Project Hub and I’m a somewhat novice Kirby user, so bare with me if I’m asking something silly. How can I integrate the project hub into my already existing Kirby site?

Thank you !

If you are a brave developer, you can try to integrate 2 Kirby themes by copying all the files and folders from the assets, content and site folders from the new theme to the same folders in your main website. However, it is very likely that there will be a conflict because the two themes use the same filename for a template file or a content folder.

The easiest solution is to create a new folder in your Kirby site, i.e. clients, and upload all the files and folders of Kirby Project Hub to this folder. (Do not forget to copy the invisible .htaccess file !)

This way, you will host 2 independent Kirby projects on your server.

You can check out my blog post with more details about integrating a client area to an existing Kirby site

Would one need two licenses because technically speaking you have two instances of Kirby? @groenewege @bastianallgeier

According to this statement, you would have to:

A license is valid for a single Kirby installation, running on a single domain.
If you plan to add additional installations (i.e. under additional subdomains or subfolders) you need to purchase licenses for each of those installations.

@texnixe thanks for pointing this out

So, a multisite install with a main and a is still “a single Kirby installation, running on a single domain.”?
I find the licence a bit imprecise here and there.

The safest bet is to send a mail to @bastianallgeier that explains your setup and use case scenario and just ask :smile:

Well, no, not really, or at least not the way I understand it.

Multi-site setup

With the new way to setup folder layouts you can easily direct multiple domains to the same installation and switch to different content, site and thumbs folders. **Please note that you still need to purchase a valid license for every domain**

With a subdomain being defined as a separate domain, i.e. = 1 domain - first license = another domain - second license, no matter if that subdomain is a separate Kirby instance or a multi-site setup (with a second kirby install in hub), another license

On the other hand, in the terms and conditions, a website is defined as a single entity

Definition of Website

A "Website" is defined as a single domain including sub-domains that operate as a single entity. **What constitutes a single entity shall be at the sole discretion of the Author.**

So, as stated before, in case of doubt, ask the Author.

I actually don’t see this written anywhere in the multi-site doc.

yes, you are right, it does not explicitly say so, it was just a conclusion from all the above, but I may be completely wrong, of course. Actually, I think that some of the statements are slightly contradictory, that’s why I would seek the Author’s answer before selling to my clients.

Personally, I feel that since you’re offering it from one domain and it’s intended to be a new feature to an existing site, it should fall under one license… Even though, in the statement previously made he declared the need for a separate license for a “sub-domain” or “sub folder”. That being said though, technically, it is no longer a “single installation” even though it acts as one… and confirming with Bastian would probably be the best approach.

Kirby Project Hub 1.2 is now available.

You can now add an RSS feed to a project and I fixed several bugs.
Check out the documentation and the release notes for more information.


I wrote an article explaining how to integrate Kirby Project Hub with other online tools and services by using the new RSS feature.

By publishing an RSS feed for a project, you can re-use the content of your project timelines in different ways. You can display the latest project updates on a Wordpress site, you can send an email for every status update, you can post to Twitter, Campfire or Slack, etc.

Kirby Project Hub 1.4 is available

This release contains the latest version of Kirby (2.1.1)
This release is an important security update.

If you are upgrading from an existing Project Hub, follow the update instructions.