I am looking for beta testers


I am building a simple project management solution for freelancers on top of Kirby.

If you are a freelance designer or developer, I would love it, if you could fill out this short survey to let me know your priorities in regards to project management : http://www.project-hub.net/survey/

I would also like some beta testers, especially someone who is interested in integrating this simple client area into an existing kirby website.

best regards

Survey filled!
Since this post by Brad Frost I’ve tried timelines a few times, but never assembled all the pieces in a cohesive whole. I still relied on email and Dropbox and others for files. I thought it could be built with Kirby, but needed to cut my teeth on it first with a couple websites. I’m very interested in such a tool.

The Sass vs self-hosted is a tough one. I know nothing of your plans, but Sass usually means there is a cost. There is a balance that is different for everyone. Ease + cost or flexibility + maintenance? Some projects offer both, like Taiga.io: paid Sass or free open-source on your own server.
Personally I’d lean towards Sass because I’m a (mostly) non-dev and want to focus on my primary job. But with a Kirby-based solution I may choose to host it if it is possible.

(Hi from Paris ;))

thank you for your feedback.