Kirby installation - T-online

Hello dear Kirby community.

I got a pretty big problem with the installation of Kirby on the T-online Servers.
I did some installations on different servers which always worked perfectly but this its different this time.

T-online Servers doesnt allow the .htaccess file. Can I somehow install kirby without it?

I had the same problem a while ago: Kirby 2 without .htaccess?. So you can run the site without .htaccess, if you can live without url rewriting.

Moved the site to another provider in the end.

Ok good to know. But if i copy all my kirby files onto the server I will get a error saying that I do not have the permissions to access this server.

T-Online suggest to rename the Homepage into a index.htm file. But thats not how kirby works with all the different templates and snippets etc. How do I make sense of that?

I don’t know, I never got it to work properly at the time and convinced my client to change his hosting provider.

You probably have to change some settings in your config file, like set rewrite to false, and maybe even set the url manually. And remove the htaccess file.

You cannot use the panel without url rewriting though, so keep that in mind. If that’s not a requirement, you might get it to work.