Kirby 2 without .htaccess?

A client is on Telekom Hosting, which does not support .htaccess files. Is there a way to get Kirby running without the .htaccess file? I tried switching off rewrite, but that didn’t help. The main page works ok but subpages cannot be accessed.

[Edit] Guess it’s not possible and convinced my client that it would be a better idea to go for a better hosting service, missing .htaccess support is not the only no-go …

It is possible by using /index.php/<page> URLs. But since that looks very strange, proper rewriting makes much more sense.

I am having the same exact problem with Yahoo Small Business Services.
They don’t allow .htaccess files

Anyone care to elaborate on how to set up Kirby without an .htaccess file?

I think the easiest way to achieve this would be via a router:, i.e. route all links to index.php/*

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