Kirby Form Builder question


I am very new to kirby and this is my first forum post.
I have just installed the Kirby Builder and Kirby Form Builder plugins.
I have added the following to my contact page blueprint:

        extends: formbuilder

which successfully brings up the form builder in the panel.

However, when I click to add a form field, nothing appears in the pop up, no field options, just a pop up with the ‘Cancel’ button.

Is there something simple I am missing?


Hey, welcome to the forum.

If you are new to Kirby, you are probably using the latest release But the Kirby Form Builder and the Kirby Builder are not compatible with this version.

Since Kirby 3.5, we have the layout and blocks fields which make the Kirby Builder plugin superfluous.

And there is a compatible form builder for the blocks field:

Great, thanks for the help and pointers. At least I wasn’t doing anything wrong.