FormBuilder in Kirby 3.8

Hi Everyone!

I have used Form Builder to make forms for quitte some time now,
and even though now Kirby Blockbuilder is not maintained anymore it almost functions.

It would still work great if the option for adding fields would still work. Which it doesn’t. :frowning: Does anybody have similar experiences? Could this be tackled? Because the rest of the plugin works really smooth.

I tried the Form Block Plugin but it is really full of bugs and does not function very well.
Does anybody know of a form plugin that does what it promises?


Could you please add some links to the plugins you mentioned? Thank you!

The kirbyzone/formbuilder has long ceased to work.

Not familiar with kirby-form-blocks, but if there are issues with this plugin, it would make sense to report them on GitHub or help fix them?

OK I will do that. Fixing them is a bit above my head, but reporting them is within reach :slight_smile:
Thank you so far!