Problems with replacing editor/formbuilder plugin with new blocks (kirby 3.5)

Hi there,

we used kirby 3.3 with formbuilder and editor/formbuilder plugin.
Now i’m trying to update the project to kirby 3.5 by using this manual Blocks | Kirby
I’ve changed the type in the formbuilder from editor to blocks.
And in the formbuilder.php i changed $page->fb_builder()->toBuilderBlocks(); to $page->fb_builder()->toBlocks(); as described in the manual.

Now i’ve noticed, that the form(fb_builder) is stored in a different way in the txt file.
So the formbuilder.php is not working correct (my guess).

Old one:

  • field_name: test
    field_class: ‘100%’
    req: ‘false’
    field_label: etse
    placeholder: teste
    default: setes
    min: null
    max: null
    pattern: “”
    _key: fb_text
    _uid: fb_text_1611820835066_1236`

To new one:
Fb-builder: [{"content":{"field_name":"test","field_class":"100%","req":"false","field_label":"test","placeholder":"test","default":"","min":null,"max":null,"pattern":""},"id":"8c891f62-6647-4ebc-abec-a8cbadfeb55d","isHidden":false,"type":"fb_text"},....

Maybe someone had the same problem and could give me some advices.

Ticket could be closed

For what it’s worth (and for others stumbling over this thread), I have just submitted a Merge Request for compatibility with Kirby 3.5+ here:

Some usefull advices for me too.

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Do you also know, how to make the editor WYSIWYG again?

Sorry, I did not look into this forum for some time. I don’t know what functionality you’re referring to. With my changes, you can build the form in the backend.

I’d like to know if you even have WYSIWYG in the panel for the blocks.

Or you only show the blocks like in this example.

For the old editor were vue parts, like builderField.vue, which made the blocks look nicer in the panel.

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Is there btw an easy option to display some of the contents? I could not get it to work. Would be handy if at least we could display “Section-Name” + e.g. “section.element1” + “section.element2”. If that’s not possible, then the switch from kirby-builder does not necessarily make sense at all. One would have to double click each individual item to see the content in the end.

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@benjohnde Creating a custom block type from scratch | Kirby

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I think that is all there is at this point.

Edit to say: I don’t know if that is a regression to the Kirby-builder version that was there before, maybe there is some connective tissue missing, but I certainly don’t know where that is or how to get back to it.

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