Kirby 3.5 Layout-Field in Builder Element

hi guys, first time posting here.

i am having some trouble with the new layout-field, but i guess this is a simple yes or no question. does it work as part of a builder block?

my page has the following builder field:

    label: Slides
    type: builder
        extends: builder/slide

the builder/slide.yml looks as follows:

label: Presentation Slide
type: group
    label: Slide Layout
    type: layout
      - "1/1"
      - "1/2, 1/2"
      - "1/4, 1/4, 1/4, 1/4"
      - "1/3, 2/3"
      - "2/3, 1/3"
      - "1/3, 1/3, 1/3"

but all i am getting is

Component definition Kirby\Form\Field\LayoutField does not exist

if i put the layout directly as part of the fields in the page it works fine – so i pretty much fear i already know the answer but wanted to ask still.

thanks, any help would be appreciated!

Hey, welcome to the forum.

The builder plugin is not compatible with Kirby 3.5, so no.

Kirby 3.5’s blocks/layout field is intended to replace the builder plugin, to finally have it in the core. The Builder plugin will no longer see any development. You can still continue to use it in Kirby versions prior to 3.5, though.

oh! somehow the builder is still working on my current configuration :face_with_hand_over_mouth: i didnt test it extensively but i think all was fine. sad to hear it though but i guess this new field works the same right? for example, can i also add toggles? the builder had some deeper level logic that could be implemented using all fields available, but this layout-field seems to only use blocks that are more visual :frowning: or did i understand it wrong?

There are two fields, the layout field and the blocks field. All blocks are available within the layout field.

And you can easily create your own blocks or extend existing blocks. And all that can really get as complex as you need it.

A custom block is basically a set of fields defined in the blueprint, with a snippet for the frontend, and if you want - but optionally - a preview for the Panel.

See the documentation for the blocks and the layout field on the website.

Oh, maybe I mixed it up with the Editor and you can still use the Builder…, sorry. But basically the idea of the layout and blocks field is to replace both the Editor and the Builder. And since the Builder plugin had many issues that never got resolved…

ah yes, i am checking it, i can follow better now. the only sad thing is indeed the visual representation if for example my custom block only has some toggles and a text field that i would like to show directly without further programing. now these fields are hidden and i have to click the custom block so they show on the right, or go the long way and code the preview. but i get it that this is all towards giving more of a WYSIWYG feel while creating the pages. thanks again!

True, but these previews are not really that difficult to code once you have a basic understanding of how this works.

I expect to see more custom blocks with previews shared in the (near) future, though.