How to make new blocks WYSIWYG which were coming from the old Builder plugin?

Hi there,
i updated Kirby from 3.3 to 3.5 and am trying to change the panel layout.
The Builder plugin was WYSIWYG and now i am trying to transfer the vue components to the new blocks.
I guess i only have to do minimal changes, but the components don’t work.
The editor plugin got the BuilderBlock.vue, BuilderField.vue and BuilderPreview.vue and is called by the index.js

 import BuilderField from "./components/BuilderField.vue";

panel.plugin("timoetting/k-builder", {
  fields: {
    builder: BuilderField

In the vue files i changed _key => type and _uid => id as described in the manual Blocks | Kirby
Maybe someone had the same case and could help me.