Block preview content rendering or alternative?

I am trying to make some simple custom blocks and I am fighting with the panel preview. I think the system is great if someone wants to build complex WYSIWYG components, but for simple scenarios I find the process quite complex and confusing (I never used Vue and that doesn’t help).

In particular, there are two simple (alternative) things I’d like to achieve but make me struggle.

  1. Render simple kirbytext seems really complex. It would be amazing to be able to use the good’ol php kirby syntax. I am aware of a few answers on the topic:
    Extending Kirby Blocks Preview for Structure Fields
    Parse Kirbytext in Panel - #2 by texnixe
    and that’s exactly the complexity I refer to.

  2. Alternatively I would be happy to have the fields of the blueprint appear directly in the block instead of the side drawer. The default preview gives no clue on the block’s content. This would be similar to a normal panel page, with the ability to add “fields” or “sections” so ta say.

Thanks for any suggestion if these things are possible.
I wonder if anyone else is struggling on similar scenarios…

For the second option, you might want to check out this plugin:

Regarding your first question, if you need a preview, there is no way around Vue, although you don’t necessarily need components and a build process as you can see here:

Thanks @texnixe ! The Fields Block plugin should solve this nicely for me.