Adding more blocks to Kirby Editor

Hello! I’m using Kirby Editor, but have found the pre-defined heading blocks are not enough for me. I’ve tried adding a H4 doing the following:

  • Adding H4.vue in Blocks folder (copying and modifying one of the other examples)
  • Adding H4 import and window.editor in Blocks.js

I’m doing all this just by using my code editor. I’ve never worked with Vue, so are other steps necessary? I’m saying this because the new block does not appear on the list on the editor.

Thanks a lot.

Here is the documentation how to create new blocks:

I’m not quite sure what you have actually done, but somehow it sounds as if you tried to do something with the core code?

Hi! I wasn’t aware the documentation was there, didn’t find it before. Sorry about that. Yes, I was trying to modify the plugin source indeed.

I finally managed to solve it by following the docs and the examples, thanks for your help!