Any thoughts on how to get editor blocks to render side by side

We’re converting our Kirby 2 sites to Kirby 3 and am exploring if we can’t use the Editor to replace our use of the Kirby Modules.

One place that I’m a little stuck is with one feature that we build in the Modules. We’ve built a Module “Boxes” which allows the content editor to include other modules inside it. Those modules would then be rendered next to each other.

I’ve just started digging around with the editor, but it doesn’t seem to be that easy to me. Has anyone already tried this or given it some thought?

What do you mean with Editor? The layout and blocks fields? In any case, that would probably be what you need?

Oh. That’s interesting. I’ll check out that feature.

By Editor, I meant the Kirby Editor plugin.

The Kirby Editor plugin is not compatible anymore with Kirby 3.5.x

GitHub - getkirby/editor: A new type of WYSIWYG editor for Kirby. This is not compatible anymore?

I would suggest putting a big notice on the README for the project because I was just about to kick off a big development effort based on this plugin.

I will read more about layouts and blocks.