Editor Block: Lite Youtube Embed

Hi there, folks!

Coming from Kirby 1 and 2, recently I’ve been getting into the Kirby 3 (I know I’m late!) and I fell in love with the Kirby Editor plugin. While it’s still not perfect it’s a huge step forward from the old textarea field.

I’m building a site and really wanted to be able to use paulirish’s lite-youtube-embed in my blog posts, which are using Kirby Editor. There was not plugin for that available, so I decided to write one. These are still my beginnings with the new Kirby 3 panel, so if you find any issues or bugs, feel free to let me know and maybe even throw a PR!

The plugin’s repo is here: https://github.com/mciszczon/kirby-editor-lite-youtube-embed

Thanks and greetings to all members of Kirby community, you’re the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

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