Help needed for a splitted block in the Editor

Hello everyone,

I’m migrating from Kirby 2 to 3 and among things I have to do is migrate content from the modules plugin to the editor plugin. For most modules it’s been going fine as extending blocks was enough. But one snippet I have needs both a text and an image and I’m stuck as I can’t extend from both.

What I need is basic:

  • On the editor side:
    • input a text with the same options as the paragraph block
    • input an image like the image block allows
  • On the rendered side, customize my snippet to show both text and image.

I searched in the docs and examples for ways of doing this but it didn’t helped much. As I have just basic understanding of Vue and I don’t want to create something from scratch for such a simple task, I’m not sure what to do.

Any suggestions on how to make this?