Solutions for block / modular layouts

I am new to Kirby, very impressed so far :grin:

However, i’m a little unsure how to get setup. I want to build my pages in modular blocks but I don’t want them to be ‘buildable’ (many of my clients are not really techy :roll_eyes:). Ideally I just want editable fields set out in containers that are collapsible and can be dragged/moved up and down the page. Each modular block will have fairly complex HTML/CSS and Ideally will be setup as a snippet (I think…).

The new ‘blocks’ field released in K3.5 is very cool but i don’t want to offer a WYSIWYG kind of panel to my clients and the sections don’t appear collapsable. The closest solution I have found so far is the ‘Kirby-Builder’ plugin, it allows me to move the ‘sections’ and collapse them so the page is less busy but again I don’t really need the user ‘addable’ functionality so i’m wondering if this is perhaps overkill.

So my questions:

  1. Is the collapsable functionality & white block design specific to the Kirby-Builder plugin? Or is that a built in layout option that i’m missing
  2. If not, is there anything else that experienced users can recommend? Or am I on the right track with the Kirby-Builder plugin?

I personally wouldn’t recommend the builder plugin, because it is no longer under development and who knows how long it will be compatible (I’m not even sure it still is). On top of that it has a lot of open issues.

There is a plugin for the blocks field: GitHub - jongacnik/kirby-fields-block: Kirby block preview plugin to directly render block fields< that displays the form fields rather then a preview of the blocks, but they are not collapsible, as far as I can see.

Also, the blocks field as well as the builder are not really made for static layouts that are not to be changed. Of course you can limit the number of blocks and probably hide the delete and add buttons to prevent adding new or deleting existing blocks.

@texnixe Thank you!

Hmmm, think you may be right regarding Kirby-Builder, it does work but there are a few issues. I’ll take a look at the plugin you mention. Looks like they are actually collapsable, so hopefully an option to default to that state.

I don’t know if this goes into the direction of what you are looking for, but have a look at the Modules plugin.