Kirbyzone FormBuilder Plugin

Kirbyzone FormBuilder Plugin for Kirby 3

We all know what a chore it is to add even the simplest contact form into a website. So the team at Cre8iv Click decided to take away the headache, and create a plugin to make this job a little more fun - meet the Cre8iv FormBuilder!

The FormBuilder plugin helps you by doing 3 things:

1. Easy, Customised Form Creation in The Panel

Allow your end-user to visually create and configure their form directly in the Panel - from standard ‘Contact Us’, through to longer questionnaires.

2. Auto-Generate Your Form in Your Templates

Based on the panel configuration, FormBuilder generates the form’s HTML code automatically for you, injecting it into your template with a single line of code.

3. Built-in Form Processing

A big part of the headache in handling forms is processing the submitted responses. FormBuilder can submit form responses via email, and log received responses in the Kirby Panel, too!

The Cre8iv FormBuilder is being offered to the Kirby community absolutely free. We ask that if you find a bug, have suggestions, or want to contribute, please do so directly in the project’s repository. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Wow that’s great.
Is ist possible to insert a link into the Checkbox Label text?

Thank you!

Great to see you like FormBuilder, @LordCanis!

Placing a link inside a label element is not something you would normally want to do. The label element is already ‘clickable’: it can be used to turn the checkbox on/off. So the official recommendation is to avoid placing interactive elements - like links - inside it. You can read more about it here:

Just a quick note to let you know that FormBuilder 1.1 has been released.

The new version allows you to add divider lines - i.e., <hr> elements - as well as arbitrary display text to your forms! Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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The download link on points to which apparently doesn’t exist. @bastianallgeier @texnixe


I’ve had to rename and move my plugins to a different location (namespace). The Cre8iv FormBuilder is now the Kirbyzone FormBuilder , and it can be found at:

The documentation will soon be updated, but in the meantime, in order to install it via composer, please use:

composer require kirbyzone/formbuilder

I absolutely love this Plugin! Any chance it gets an update soon so it will work with Kirby Blocks? There is already a merge request. :v: