Kirby (flatfile) on Heroku

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to use Heroku ( as a hosting for Kirby?
Everytime I deploy my local code to Heroku, the admin and content gets overwritten.
So when I go to Custom Application Development Software for Business -, I need to re-create an admin account.

Is the solution as simple as adding the admin and content folder to a .gitignore file?

Heroku doesn’t have persistent storage: Why are my file uploads missing/deleted? - Heroku Help

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you can use kirby with heroku but you need to load all pages from a db connection as virtual pages. also things like cache and users will still be not persistent.

all uploads must go into that db or things like s3. kirby does not have a file abstration layer built in so you can (an probably never in k3) use stuff like s3 for content easily. there was some discussion on discord about a fork that might add file layer abstraction s3 support.

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