Content folder on S3/DigitalOcean bucket?

Hello! Congratulations on the new release; I plan on licensing a copy of Kirby 3 in very short order.

Does anyone have experience with storing Kirby’s /content folder in object storage such as an Amazon S3 bucket or a DigitalOcean Spaces droplet? I see that all of Kirby 3’s roots are configurable (, but was wondering if anyone in the community has had experience with this sort of paradigm.


First of all, what are you trying to achieve with that?

I have experience uploading audio files from Kirby Panel to S3 by using the AWS SDK for PHP. Storing the whole /content isn’t possible because those files needs to live where PHP is executed.

Understood, thank you. My motivation is maintaining separate content, media, headless Kirby app, and JS client app services, networked together as needed. My primary concern is expressly not storing content on a web server, but in some kind of storage mechanism that can be swapped or cloned as needed.

It’s completely fine if this isn’t something Kirby supports—or even conceptually makes sense—but I wanted to see if the possibility exists. (I’m considering this sort of service-ecosystem in favor of a WordPress installation; being a glorified MySQL DBA is pretty far down on the list of things I want to do with my life.)

Did you consider @wottpal’s git plugin for Kirby 3: ?

Reading through your use case, this would suffice I think? And you don’t have to hassle to setup S3 or other external storage integration.

Interesting, thanks for pointing that out. I’ll definitely take a look.