Digital goods storage

Hi all. I’m looking for any ideas regarding how to setup a means for a client to use Kirby to upload assets (PDFs, maybe video) to a third party services like Amazon S3 or the like - Somewhere not on the host that runs the website. I don’t want to use the hosts expensive disc space or its pricey bandwidth. But I don’t want the process of adding assets to be a disconnect from the Kirby panel. Any ideas or solutions out there? Thanks.

I would probably do something along the lines of…

  1. Create a hook for panel.file.upload that copies the file to your third-party host (using your API key or whatever)
  2. Save the filename as a read-only text field in the page
  3. Delete the original file uploaded to Kirby

All these steps can be done within the hook function.

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Consider creating a Page Method to automate generation of absolute URLs for your remote assets, from the filename!

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Thanks for the replies.