Kirby developer for a learning site

We are looking for a collaboration with a developer to work on a Kirby site, offering online courses.
It involves a small starting company offering trading courses. I’m currently investigating the possibilities of dedicated Learning Management Systems, but a tailor made solution with Kirby would be nice.

A short description of the functionality we are looking for:
The site will involve a three-tier paid (possibly with the merx plugin) subscription plan. Content will be made accessible after payment to these three specific user groups. The users can login and will be guided through the course without being able to skip through and thus missing necessary knowledge.
The site administrators should get an insight in the progress of the users and users should be able to rate and comment on the lessons and see their progress. A course will span several modules containing possibly several videos per module.
Another function is ‘drip content’; making content available over time.

We are looking for a developer with proven ecommerce experience. He or she should be able to advice on server performance (in regard to users and media usage). Implement proper security checks for users and offered content.

Does this fit and sounds interesting to you? Let me know!

Hello Coko,

I would like to assist you with this work.
Please get in touch with below-shared contact details.

Email – ianradnor088(at)gmail(dot)com
Skype – live:ianradnor088


Ian, Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and experience (examples sites) with Kirby and ecommerce jobs.

Hello Coko,

I have sent you an email… Please check