Kirby and aMember integration -paid job

I have a couple of websites that use aMember as the backend database for payments and membership for our online courses. The first one is a few years old and I need to make a few aesthetic changes, like changing the logo and brand name on the main page. This is a current version of Kirby.
Our second site is the same version but can be upgraded to 3.0 when released if needed. This will become our permanent site since our business has changed. We want to address the few cosmetic issues on the old site for now, then will switch over when the new site is running solid.

Here are the urls for you to look at:
Old site, which is still active:
New site that is almost all done but has a few minor issues and as such is not active yet:

Please contact me directly if you think you have the skills and time to work with us. Maybe send a bit of information on your experience with Kirby and aMember, as well as your rate.


Alain Gauthier, RPT
Edmonton, Alberta Canada


Where are you located? If in a time zone close enough to mine (MST), we could talk over Skype or I can set up a Zoom meeting where I can share my screen to show you what you need before we proceed. The ability to be able to integrate aMember to the site is a critical skill you will need.

We already integrated aMember with our Kirby site. It is just that a few things need to be tweaked to finish things off. Once the clickplay2learn site is live, we will shut down netLEARNnow and use the Kirby and aMember site licenses for another site we need to build from scratch. We have two licenses of aMember and Kirby and already paid for the pre-release of version 3 of Kirby. We also have a support license for aMember so you would get some help there if needed.

So, this could end up being multiple projects over time.

Talk to you soon.

Alain Gauthier


Alain Gauthier

I’m concerned that you are not answering my questions, and that you are not providing any example of your work. You sound more like a salesman than a programmer :slight_smile:


If you still need any help feel free to contact me at and I can give you my skype also as I should be able to help you out. I’m UK based so we might have to arrange times but it shouldn’t be too hard to sort out.

Already started a discussion with someone on this but will keep you in mind if things don’t work out.
Can you send me some sample or URLs of work you have done? If a larger project, or team project, explain what role you played in the development.


Alain Gauthier

Thanks for your interest but I think we are OK for now. I’ll keep you in mind, in case we or a client needs help.