Long Term Kirby Master

Hey guys,

we are in the final phases of developing our MVP which we want wo show to a potential client.

That means we need a fancy, cool, typical startup page which praises how cool and innovativ we are and that our tool is going to change the world (or something like that, we are still looking for a slogan).
To help us achieve that, we already brought a template at themeforest but then we found out that we have nobody to put that onto a CMS.

So, I wanted to ask if someone is here who has the time and feel like working with us. Just press reply or write a private message.

We expect only one thing of you: you’ll be part of our team. We don’t want a contractor who says yes to everything just because that makes us happy. We want someone who knows what he/she’s doing and if I am talking nonsense (which happens a lot) you stand your ground.
That is more important to us than knowing each Kirby function in your sleep.

I didn’t mention money and timetables because that is all open for discussion if you’re interested.

Edit: The reason I choose Long Term Kirby Master is because it sticks out and we have some features planned like SSO and a Menu Manager. So, if your into developing plugins feel free to reply.

Curious about this! Sending you a PM right now ~