Long term engagement? Frontend Developer for Kirby and other things wanted

Hello Kirby developers!

For our company (http://wendero.com) I am looking for a decent frontend developer on a freelance/remote basis. The monthly work load will be between 5 and 20 hours. Typical tasks are:

  • Develop a static HTML landing page or microsite based on designs
  • Integrate complex widgets into Unbounce.com landing pages
  • Develop Kirby templates, plugins, etc.

That’s how we work: Clear specs, Github repos with semver, Docker automated builds (we have a Kirby image that will pull the content folder from another Github repo, etc.), hosting in a Apache Mesos cluster, …

Your profile should be like this:

  • Fluent in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP (inkl. CSS preprocessors, Frontend Frameworks, Sketch/Photoshop, …)
  • Fluent in English or German
  • You have an eye for good design and the ability to fill in gaps the designer hasn’t specified.
  • You produce clean code whilst also getting things done.
  • You’re based somewhere in Europe.

Interested? Just send me a PM…


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