Are there any Kirby experts available for hire?


I have no idea where to post this so if anything, mods you can move this post in the appropriate section.

So, I know I can use a freelancer marketplace website to find developers but the thing is; Kirby experts are quite rare. I have used a few for my projects but turns out many of them are not really experts and have to learn Kirby CMS from scratch. Many tasks are small and are not necessarily big jobs. Unfortunately, many of them just want the bigger jobs.

Such as upgrades/updates, perhaps plugins and template integrations.

As of now, I don’t need anyone yet. But I’d like to get some referrals for when I have extra work to do in the following months.

Ideally someone who can speak English fluently and is able to provide receipts (for tax purposes on my side). If Canadian, even better! :slight_smile:


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Hi @EnergyFreak, welcome to our forum.

Yes, this is exactly the right place to find Kirby freelancers. Although you will probably also get offers from non-Kirby experts that come to all forums only for the job offers :woman_shrugging:

@EnergyFreak I migh tbe able to help if I knew a little more about your requirements. Feel free to DM me.

Hi , I would like to discuss in details the expectations.
Previously, I had done upgrade and integration as mentioned.

Let’s connect as per your availability

Thanks everyone for your interest. Will keep all your information and get back to you once i’m ready to extend my project.

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