Available for freelance Kirby consulting and development

Dear Kirby community,

I have recently been asked by a client to help them with a custom routing solution and a Kirbytext plugin for their Kirby-based site.

You might have seen in the forum that solving tasks like this is one of my strengths, as I have worked with and on Kirby for more than 3 years now and know the Kirby code base and its “hidden secrets” very well. Meanwhile I have gained quite a lot of experience with developing advanced and clean PHP applications (mostly because of Kirby, so thanks for that, Bastian!).

The project was very interesting and fun to implement for both the client and me, so I decided that custom plugin development and Kirby consulting is now officially part of my offering for freelance work.

Sometimes the solution for a problem is interesting for other Kirby users as well and that’s where this forum really shines, so I will still be there for your quick questions in the forum.
But some problems and projects are larger and more complex than that. That’s where I come in:

I’m currently available for new freelance projects, so if you want to know what’s the best way to solve a specific problem with Kirby or need help with a custom solution, feel free to ask me about it. :smile:



Dear Lukas,
We would love to do our eshop with Kirby
We are based in London and we would love to have a quotation for www.untothislast.co.uk
Kind regards,

Thanks for your interest. I have sent you a direct message in the forum. :smiley:

Hi Lukas,

Are you still involved in custom Kirby development?
I’m looking for someone to create some custom form fields and potentially a REST API and wanted to chat to you about what would be feasible?


I’m still doing client projects, but my time is currently quite limited unfortunately. I’m afraid I’m not available for new projects at the moment.

ah ok, thanks anyway

Sounds interesting! Would doing code reviews on Kirby be something you’d be interested in?

I have a project in the pipeline that I would love to have 100% perfect in terms efficiency, code quality, best practices, etc. A second pair of eyes would be great near the end of the project.

Please see my reply above. :slight_smile: