Info: check, eCommerce: check, Members: Hmmm

Hello. I have a potential web project I’m writing a proposal for. I’m trying to foresee all those gotchas that get me. The project needs an easy way to manage content. That’s easy. Kirby handles that great. They need to provide info on educational course and wish for visitors to be able to register/purchase them. I’m looking at Snipcart to field those features. The final spec is that visitors that purchase courses will be able to create an account and access course materials (videos, PDFs, etc.). That’s where I’m looking to get some ideas. How would you good folks tackle that aspect of the project? Any ideas?

Kirby’s user management / ACL should be powerful enough for your needs, i have already built custom registered users only websites via front-end authentification.

Have fun !

Shopkit includes both payment processing and product downloads. You can set an expiration date for the downloads too.

What are the requirements here? Just access to the material or extensive functionalities like Moocs offer them?

Thanks for the replies.

Sonja, looks like students will just need access to the purchased course materials and the standard user features (edit profile info, etc.).

This is for a very popular university so I expect a high, growing number of user accounts. I know Kirby can do e-commerce and has proven to handle a lot of pages , but I’m hesitant about pushing Kirby too far from its happy place. I have embraced the concept of using the right tools for the job instead of strong arming tools beyond their intended purpose.

I would like to state that the shopkit plugin is quite impressive and could field many common e-commerce needs.