Cart solution without billing / shipping integration


I am looking for advice for a (sort of) Cart functionality. I’ve successfully integrated Snipcart into Kirby websites in the past, but this is not what I’m after in this case. A client currently has the following setup on two independend domains:

(A) Presentational website (Kirby) --> (B) platform site with video classes (payed content / “Shop”)

The presentational site (A) only showcases the video classes. Each showcase has a button “Buy this class”. This takes the customer straight to the checkout of the “Shop” site (B). The checkout & billing is fully handled via the “Shop” site. Easy enough.

But now the client is looking for some way of bundling classes while browsing through the showcases – e.g. “buy class A + B and get 10% off. Buy B, C and D and get 20% off.” The “result” in the cart would be nothing more than a link that takes the customer to the specific discount bundle of the “Shop” page.

The “cart” would have to be on the Kirby site, as the platform site (weirdly enough) does not offer any cart functionality.

Is there any plugin that could be tweaked for this purpose, or what would be the best way to tackle this? Any pointers highly appreciated!

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Since a cart is basically nothing else than values stored in the session, you don’t really need a plugin for this. Then when the user goes to checkout, you can fetch the data stored in the session and send it to the shop.

Thanks for this input! I actually didn’t think of this, and have not worked with sessions before. Will definitely look into this …

There are other options like storing the cart in Localstorage or cookies

Thanks for the input @texnixe – marking this a “solved” and will look into the sessions approach.

If anyone has worked on something similar (w/ Kirby), it would still be interessting to see the specific approach / route chosen.