Simple shopping cart with Stripe for a newbie

Can anyone suggest a simple shopping cart that will integrate well with Kirby and allow Stripe payments?
I don’t want a full online store as I already have a shop page set up.

Just about the simeplest is Snipcart, which can use stripe as a payment gateway.

There is even a working demo in the Kirby Demokit

Press the Start Demo button and then Shop on the next page. The source code is available here if its useful to you GitHub - getkirby/demokit: A demo setup for

Thank you for your reply. I thought Snipcart looked ideal, but it has a charge per transaction and the client already pays per transaction to their Stripe payment gateway.
Ideally I need a solution that if free or has a one-off payment.

Have you ever looked at the Merx plugin? With it, you or your customer will not pay any transaction fee. Disadvantage: It is not necessarily suitable for newbies.

Have you looked at Stripe payment links?

Yes, I have used this successfully before, but in the case of this client, there will be multiple items to be loaded into a cart and I need them to be displayed in Stripe Checkout.

I had a look at Merx but I don’t need all the toolset, just a simple cart to take me to Stripe checkout.

Hey Mate, i am currently developing a Lieferando alternative and i find this video about Stripe pretty usefull and its only 10minuts:

If you still need help Just reach Out, i have already done an AJAX cart, which passes its lineItems to stripe

Thank you so much. I had tried to set up the page using the video you mentioned but didn’t get much success. I had another look after reading your post and it is working. After 3 days of tearing my hair out. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.