Kirby 3 Commentions problem

I have added the Kirby 3 Commentions plugin to my site yesterday. While comments work well, I am having problems with webmentions. I connected via Bridgy and it forwards likes and mentions to my site. Unfortunately they are all anonymous like “Anonym erwähnte dies auf”.
Do you have an idea what the problem may be?
Thank you!

First up: I’m happy to hear that our plugin is of value to you and works :slight_smile: Thank you for reaching out; my response is two-fold:

1. "Anonymous"

Webmentions from sources with a perfectly valid h-card (author information) showing up as “Anonymous” had been a bug that’s been haunting me for a while. Today’s version 1.0.2 should fix this issue:

2. URLs webmentions displaying that URL is not an error, but intended behaviour. Commentions supports webmentions as defined in the W3C Specification. So-called backfeed mechanisms like build on top of that specification, polling social media services for reactions and turning them into something I’d call “proxy webmentions”:

  1. detects that somebody replied to your tweet in which you linked to an article on your website

  2. creates a page at a URL like that “pretends” to be a Webmention of the article on your website, even though it actually is a proxy copy of a “like” on Twitter

  3. sends this webmention to your website

  4. The Commentions plugin treats URL as a webmention of your article and displays it accordingly (and, now that the “Anonymous” bug is fixed, correctly as per the webmention specification: the source of the webmention is indeed at URL

To present proxied webmentions in another way, you would have to write your own presentation logic using the plugin’s page methods etc. Commentions (opinionated but flexible) does not support proxied backfeed mechanisms out-of-the-box, as I have ethical concerns regarding this practice (the way I look at it, unsuspecting Twitter users are not informed, not asked for consent, can’t edit or delete their data, have no means to opt-out, etc.).

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Thank you for the very quick reply and fix!