Sending Webmentions

I’ve been fascinated by the Indieweb movement, and I thought I’d try implementing webmentions on my Kirby site. I downloaded and installed the webmentions plugin for Kirby, and it works…but really for only receiving webmentions on my site.

So right now I’m trying to figure out the best way to send webmentions automatically when I post something to my site. I’m guessing there’s probably a way to write a panel hook, but I have no idea on how to go about this. I was going to use the Bridgy endpoint to do this. I’m just trying to figure out how. All I really need to do is ping the Bridgy endpoint when I publish something, I guess? So that’s why I thought the hook might be what I need to use.

Am I on the right track? Does my approach make sense?


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Did you have any luck with this @JasonNeel? I’m thinking about migrating from a static site to Kirby (or similar) in order to add this ability, so am keen to hear any insights.

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No nothing yet. So far I’ve just manually doing everything through

The plugin should also send them! When you call the webmentions() helperfunction, that function will not only display the mentions for your page, but also send mentions to the pages you mention. Well, it first checks if .pings exist in the .webmention folder of that page. If it doesn’t, it sends webmentions.

Buttt, it only checks for links in the Text field of your page. So if you have your own $page->in_reply_to() like I did, it won’t send a message to those.

I made some changes to the original plugin, and send a pull request. You can see my repo here.
In there you have the option to set specific fields you like to check for mentions:
c::set('webmentions.fields', ['text', 'in_reply_to', 'like_of']);