Kirby 3 – ask us anything!

Will we still have ‘kits’ in Kirby 3 - ie., ‘starterkit’, ‘plainkit’, ‘languagekit’ - or will we have to do super complicated and esoteric Composer stuff?..

There will still be downloads, we won’t force people into using Composer. Even the Alphas are available as zip files…

OMG. @texnixe is way too fast :slight_smile: Yes. There will be downloads and kits.

I usually refer to @texnixe as ‘SuperKirbyGirl’ - 'cause her responsiveness is nothing short of superhero-like!

Question: Will Kirby 3 be able to be more easily installed into Nginx-only servers - i.e., servers that cannot use an .htaccess file?..

Not in the middle of the night, though :wink:

And this is one of those questions I can’t answer…

Nginx servers always need server configuration, so it can never be as simple as using Apache. But as Kirby 3 will have an included Panel route that can be configured in the Kirby config, you will need one less rule in your server configuration.

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I’ve moved the plugin wish list to its own thread.

With the new version, is blueprint logic become a thing ? I mean, be able to use variables. For example : Set a default field value depending on another field value (if exist and if not empty), or using site config, custom dynamic value, etc.

I have a simple use case :
For SEO and Open Graph, i have some fields in site.yml with default values, and i have the same fields on all of my pages with these default values i’ve put for site but they are overridable.

Isn’t that rather a piece of logic that belongs in a template rather then in a blueprint? If page seo field is empty, use site seo field.

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Yes, this was just a simple example. But being in fields is easier for editor (= often: client!) rather than in template.
But for the same use case we can go deeper : Create tags for these variables, and use these tags as well in the site fields, and then re use them or not, and in a different order on the page fields.

Remind that is was just a simple use case that i’ve think about, i’m pretty sure there are many other idea to do with this possibility :slight_smile:

Don’t think logic for default values is possible, but it should be quite easy to extend existing field to support such logic.

Does Kirby 3 include a one-click update system?

No, but a single-folder update system.

I still don’t think that updates should take place on a production system, but tested before it goes online.


That’s better than two folders.

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Will there be a Volume Pricing for Upgrades to Kirby 3 Pro or ist the “Kirby 3 License Package” the way to go, if I definitely want an upgrade for all my Kirby 2 Pro licenses?

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We will definitely have a paid upgrade for existing Kirby 2 licenses available after launch. I’m pretty sure there will also be volume pricing for that, but pricing for the licenses and upgrades isn’t finalized yet.

If you already want to follow along the development of Kirby 3, you can purchase the “Kirby 3 Pro Upgrade + Fellowship Package” on Kirby Next, but it only makes sense for one license (there is no volume pricing for that one as multiple accounts for Kirby Next don’t make sense).

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I completely forgot to reply!

On desktop, I found that some think the menu icon in the panel is a logo. They don’t know they have access to site options and users via the hamburger icon. Even if I explain it to them, the don’t seem to remember. They have no problem with this on mobile phones though.

The visible / invisible isn’t very intuitive to non-developers.

I’ve also found the lack of focus / call to action on the panel dashboard has confused some clients. Upon logging in the back-end I’ve had people ask “What now?”.

Oh and most of my clients that have used MS Word all their life have no desire to learn how to use Markdown, so I’ve been providing TinyMCE for them (I’ll release it soon I promise!)

Another thing that would help is customization options for the panel. Like custom branding, a more flexible dashboard.

Some of these people have never used a CMS others have exclusively used WordPress.

Just some things I’ve noticed. Don’t know if it helps.

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Even if I am not a participant in the “Kirby next exercise”, I have a suggestion for the new version.

Expanding the caching:
On my website there are (I hope) many visitors. They have no account and “only” see the normal webpages. But there also are some editors or admins (they count to less than five per website), who are usually logged in to see some special additional content on each public webpage (outside the panel!). This special additional part of the content is hidden to normal visitors, like an internal menu for these internal users.
I want, if the cache is enabled in the /site/config/config.php, that the cache in Kirby is extented (may be by a special option) to automaticly serve the cached (normal) pages only to the not-logged-in visitors, but is inactive to logged-in-users.
This means, that pages from logged-in-users never get into the cache and also only the pages of not-logged-in visitors are saved in the cache if needed. The logged-in-users get live rendered pages (with the additional content) ignoring the cache. But off course a “save” in the panel will delete the cache as before.

I think, many websites have a comparable user structure (a great many of not-logged-in visitors, comparably much less logged-in users). This cache policy would help them too. Other cms have a simular cache stategie, partly as default.

I have asked this in this forum for Kirby 2 before, but got no running solution.
The main difference is the decision of the cache, which page should be saved and which not.

Thank you @bastianallgeier, your team and the “next followers” for your labor on developing the new Kirby version.

That’s interesting. I don’t think this issue was reported before, which is why Kirby 3 will also use a hamburger icon. How would you do it instead?

Kirby 3 will have a new visibility system with “draft”, “unlisted” and “public”. :slight_smile:

The new Panel will be a lot better in these regards.

Kirby 3 will still use Markdown by default as it’s the most reliable and clean format, but of course you will still be able to use field plugins in the Panel.