Kirby 3.6 is here!

The time has finally come. Kirby 3.6.0 is here! :rocket:

→ 7 months
→ 1293 commits
→ 471 closed issues and pull requests
→ A free upgrade from 3.5

We couldn’t be more excited about this. The entire team has been working really hard and the support from you in the last weeks has been overwhelming. Thank you so much to all of you and our contributors. We couldn’t do it without you.

We started 3.6 as a “quality release” and wanted to keep it small :rofl: But then this new backend concept came along and we saw how many problems we could solve and how many exciting new opportunities we could create.

It’s a door-opening release. We talked about this many times in the past. Together with a set of really great new Panel and core features I’m very confident that it was worth the wait.

Some of you might have been frightened that this release is changing everything, but we did everything to keep it as stable and compatible as possible and test it extensively. Most of your sites should be upgradable without much effort or any effort at all. Thanks to our fantastic plugin dev crew, most of the incompatible plugins are already updated and ready to go with this new release. If you still find something that you are struggling with, please let us know via Github issues.

And now it’s time to read through our brand new release page: Kirby 3.6 | Kirby CMS

And then it’s time to party :tada: After the successful launch event for 3.5 last December, @marcthiele is hosting a 3.6 show for us next Tuesday, November 23rd at 8pm CET. It’s a free event and you can join us live and chat with us while we talk about the new features and the future of Kirby:

(Yes, it will be recorded for those who can’t make it.)

That’s it from us. Thanks again for your patience and your wonderful support :yellow_heart:


Sweet! Plenty of features I was personally looking for…

There is especially this one to which I would be curious for some more informations about it

No more API endpoint hassle

With Fiber, you return exactly the data you need for your Panel components. Goodbye to multiple APIcalls or custom API routes. Write some PHP and be done.

Hi Catherine,

You can find more information and examples in our Panel areas reference. If you are interested in the backgrounds of Fiber, you can find an introduction on the dedicated Fiber page.

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You should also check out @texnixe’s great cookbook article about panel areas: My first Panel area | Kirby CMS


Just wanted to thank the Kirby team for their hard work, and congratulate all involved on a very exciting release!


Thank you very much for the kind words!

Truly amazing, congratulations.

Very excited to work with it.

Thank you!


Been here since the very first version of Kirby, which was introduced by you @bastianallgeier at my university in Munich :smiley: Great times!
Can’t wait to update to this new version. Thanks!

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I remember that time fondly :slight_smile: It’s great to see that you are still using Kirby after all those years :yellow_heart:

Unfortunately without PHP 8.1 support :frowning:

We are on it. But 3.6 was released before 8.1, so we decided to wait for a 3.6.x release.

Is this already online somewhere? Would love to watch it!
Thank You!

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