Kirby 3.5 is here – our biggest release since Kirby 3!

Kirby 3.5 is now available and it’s in our opinion the most important release since Kirby 3. With a brand new Blocks field that combines the famous Builder and Editor plugins, a super flexible layout editor, 2FA, password-less logins, a new date field and more, we are taking a big step ahead.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback :slight_smile:


Hi Bastian, so far thank you for the release. The new Block field looks awesome.

But we have a big issue with a multi language page. The problem is, that when uploading an image Kirby does not create the – in our case – second language meta file for the image. That leads to an endless loading page with a timeout. Unfortunately we don’t see any errors wether from Kirby nor from the server. It feels a little bit like an endless loop…

When downgrading to 3.4.5. the creation of the files and also the loading issue disappears.
We also changed the thumb driver to imagick and back, but it doesn’t seem to be the error the as behavior of 3.5.0 stays the same…


@kaikauper I’ve tested on 3.5.0 Multi-Language starterkit with image and blocks-image field, but i couldn’t reproduce any issue. Do you have custom setup, installed plugins or something not in the core?

What an amazing progress! Many thanks to all who have been involved.
The new starter kit is also an inspiration with it’s reduced to the max approach.


Great release ! Many thanks to all of you !
I hope one day to display layout field in a masonry style, maybe at the arriving of a css native masonry style?! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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