Kirby 3.9.4 is here!

Kirby 3.9.4 is here and it has a couple of really nice enhancements:

  • F::move() now detects if the source and target are on different filesystems; it then copies the file and deletes the source on success instead of atomically moving the file #5124
  • Removed noopener where it’s already implied by noreferrer #5138
  • Inherit when for field groups (thanks @youngcut) #5143
    type: toggle
    type: group
      showit: true
        type: text
        type: text
  • Introduced new YAML handler that can be activated by setting the config option yaml.handler to 'symfony'. We plan to switch over to the Symfony handler in the next major releases. For now, 'spyc' remains the default.

// File: /site/config/config.php
return [
  'yaml.handler' => 'symfony'
]; :rocket:

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Just wondering, if I don’t know the difference between Symfony and Spyc YAML handling, should I care…? If there’s some clear benefit, I might switch over, but I don’t want to break anything unnecessarily. (As mentioned in Kosmos: “Since the Symfony YAML parser enforces stricter rules, you might have to adjust your blueprints.”)

The reason for the change is that Spyc is no longer maintained and will need to be replaced in the mid term, so the migration of the blueprints will need to be done at some point anyway. We already offer Symfony YAML for those who were having problems with Spyc, but you don’t have to switch already. We will try to ease the migration in the coming releases.

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