Kirby 2.3.0 Beta

Custom fields for example work partly.
The $assets parts will not load.

Trying the 2.3 beta on my personal site (no panel, blog-like, ten templates, a few tricks, search, Atom feed forked from the Feed Plugins), and so far nothing breaks. :slight_smile:

I’ve started working on a Twig plugin:

Overriding components seems to be a useful approach but it’s completely undocumented and I had to spend my afternoon reading Kirby’s source code, which is instructive but maybe not all plugin developers should have to do it, I don’t know. Some thoughts on what could be documented on this side?

Nice! Here are my first impressions…

Thumbnail API

I was not a big fan of it from the start. It was not getting better because of the issues I’ve got. Maybe I will love it later but now, not so much.

Kirby 2.3 - Thumbs in other language does not generate
Kirby 2.3 - Thumbnail 404
Kirby 2.3 - Real strange thumbnail problem

What I will probably love

I will probably use these things all the time (have not tested all of them yet):

  • New Panel Image Field
  • New Plugin registry
  • Blueprint options
  • Global site controller
  • Custom pages::$methods
  • Custom page::$methods

Fieldoptions from another field? Why?

Get fieldoptions from another field? Why not just use blueprint global field definitions? It’s probably not a bad feature. I just don’t fully understand it.

Upcoming docs

Now the url for the docs summery is:

It’s great today. When it’s released, what will happend to that url? Maybe have something like below?

Then we could in the future go back to see what happended in that version.


Some of the things I’ve been waiting for are in this version, so I’m really looking forward to try it out. However, the new Thumb API is making trouble for me. If that will work it’s probably going to be an amazing release!

Not from another field definition, but from another field on another page (content).

There’s always the changelog, where all changes are listed for all previous versions.

Is there a place I can read up about “components” and “registry” and “plugins”?

They all sound very interesting, but are a bit abstract to me.


We have not managed to update the docs yet, I’m afraid, so currently, there’s only the source code to the rescue and an example plugin file:

Plugin registry:

For the component architecture, you can have a look at the Twig plugin by @fvsch: Twig plugin (Kirby 2.3+) as an example.

Plugin set registry information can be found here as well:

It would be great to have documentation on components (not necessarily what each component type should do, but at least what they are and how to register one and what it implies), registry, and while we’re at it Kirby is sorely missing an “How to write plugins” documentation page which explains how it works and perhaps gives some “best practices”.

For writing my own component (as a plugin) I had to read Kirby’s source code to figure things out, and pick some information from a handful of gists found via Twitter and this forum.
Reading the source was interesting but not really straightforward.


Yes, please! I know writing docs is a chore, but it pays off…

@fvsch or if you have a Template how to add the Kirby Navigation i hope you know what i mean

The answer to that would be those two steps:

  1. Write your menu’s code:
  2. Save it as a snippet to reuse it in templates:

Wow, nice work. I’ll test it soon.

Special thank for that:

New global site.php controller can now be used for all pages without a dedicated controller


Thanks you are a genie :smiley:

With the new blueprint options we can change the template of a webpage within the panel. That is fine.
Or we can disallow the change the template, which is also very fine.

But I want to ask you, if someone disallows this change in a blueprint, to display the name of the template furthermore in the panel. In this case only delete the link to the change template form.

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Please before the release of final version 2.3.0 consider the issues and PRs of the starterkit, particular remove size option from textarea fields, use .yml field extension for blueprints #60 and Fix #42 again #56


Blueprint Options

Can we have this short option to turn of options all at once and hide the whole Page settings section?

options: false

I played around with the plugin system and registered a blueprint as described here.
Everything works fine if I add the blueprint explicitly to other blueprints like this:

    - my_plugin_blueprint
    - some
    - other
    - blueprints

But all pages with the following setting don’t recognize my plugin blueprint …

pages: true

Is this a bug? Any ideas?

Kirby 2.3.0 Beta 2 (2016-04-29 13:50:52) on XAMPP (Apache/2.4.9 (Win32) PHP/5.4.27):

The snippet or template code

<?php echo $avatar->resize(50,50)->url(); ?>

produces the adress of the thumb

in Firefox 46.0. Then the thumb is not visible in the webpage.

%5C is the same as “\”, where we need “/”.

This issue is the same, if I thumb a normal picture from a page.

Something is wrong.

Thanks for reporting. This is a Windows-specific issue. I will fix this and send a PR so it will most likely be fixed in the stable release.

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