Kirby 2.3.0 Beta 2

Your feedback and bug reports for our first beta for 2.3.0 have been amazing and really helpful. Thank you so much!

Unfortunately it turned out, that I made a wrong decision with the HTTP based thumb API. While it sounded like a great idea, it brought up tons of issues which I haven’t anticipated. In the end we decided to move back to the “old way” of generating thumbnails, but to keep the good improvements we made along the way.

This step took quite some time and effort, but I think we ended up with a really great and mature version now.

Together with the new component architecture, the thumbnail generator is now extremely versatile and easy to swap with your own, if you like to generate thumbnails on services like imgix or other cloudinary.

Because of the additional changes, we need a little extra beta round and hope you can help us once more. We collected all the fixes and changes in Beta 2 in the changelog again: (you will find some nice treats there as well :slight_smile: )

You can download beta 2 directly:

…or get it from the develop branch on Github.

In the meantime we also collected a lot more documentation for the new version, which you can find here:

Even though there are still some details missing, I think that this is yet going to be the best documented version so far and we plan to improve even more with the next releases.

You will also find that we started overhauling the docs in general and we introduced a brand new developer guide:, which is shaping up nicely.

I hope you like all the changes and updates. I also hope that with your help we can squash the last tiny bugs before Kirby 2.3.0 will be finally released next week.


Amazing Work :smiley: !!!

@bastianallgeier Is it possible to install the nightly via the CLI component you created? I didn’t see it in the :slight_smile:

Not yet, but there is a feature request about this over on GitHub.
You can however download the nightly from the Kirby download site and just replace the kirby and panel directories with the ones from the download. Not as elegant as using the CLI, but it does exactly the same internally. :slight_smile:

Thanks @lukasbestle :slight_smile:

I definitely want to add the dev branch to the CLI. I plan to give the CLI more attention again as soon as 2.3.0 is out.


Thanks for the infos, which are linked on the page
On many of the linked pages the funktions have params, like:
$file->resize($width, $height = null, $quality = null)
That’s nice.

But I ask you to declare these params like the old doc-pages, e.g. what kind of type they need/have, like:

I think, the examples can not replace these type definitions.

@anon77445132 Oh yes, that’s missing, thanks for the hint.

I’m puzzled by the template switching feature (tested only in beta 2). I have a page using a markdown blueprint:

    label: Title
    type:  text
    label: Text
    type:  markdown

And want to switch it to the projects blueprint (plural, from the starterkit):

    label: Title
    type:  text
    label: Text
    type:  textarea

I thought the Panel would tell me that the “text” field will be replaced, as it uses a different field type. But there’s no alert, if I click “Change” the “Text” field is lost.
If I try to switch to project (singular), I’m correctly told there are added fields (Year, Tags) and a replaced field (Text).
I’m not familiar with template switching, so I thought I’d ask here before I open an issue on Github.

Sounds like a bug, could you create an issue on GitHub?

Issue opened! Thanks

Edit: and it’s fixed in the develop branch! :thumbsup: