Kirby 2.3.0 Beta

Nice! Here are my first impressions…

Thumbnail API

I was not a big fan of it from the start. It was not getting better because of the issues I’ve got. Maybe I will love it later but now, not so much.

Kirby 2.3 - Thumbs in other language does not generate
Kirby 2.3 - Thumbnail 404
Kirby 2.3 - Real strange thumbnail problem

What I will probably love

I will probably use these things all the time (have not tested all of them yet):

  • New Panel Image Field
  • New Plugin registry
  • Blueprint options
  • Global site controller
  • Custom pages::$methods
  • Custom page::$methods

Fieldoptions from another field? Why?

Get fieldoptions from another field? Why not just use blueprint global field definitions? It’s probably not a bad feature. I just don’t fully understand it.

Upcoming docs

Now the url for the docs summery is:

It’s great today. When it’s released, what will happend to that url? Maybe have something like below?

Then we could in the future go back to see what happended in that version.


Some of the things I’ve been waiting for are in this version, so I’m really looking forward to try it out. However, the new Thumb API is making trouble for me. If that will work it’s probably going to be an amazing release!