Kirby 2.2.3 and 25% discount on pro licenses

As you might have realized, I’ve switched to a more constant release cycle with more minor updates and bugfix releases. Before 2.2 a lot of fixes went directly onto the develop branch but didn’t make it into something official for a longer time. Even though I don’t want to bother you with too many tiny releases, I think it’s better to have more immediate iterations. It also makes it easier to move forward with the next bigger release and takes away some of the pressure.

So today 2.2.3 is out and you can grab it from the regular sources:


Git Submodules



More details about the release can be found in the changelog:

25% discount on pro accounts

This new version comes with a little “December / end of the year / holidays ahead” sale with a 25% discount on PRO accounts. The discount will be available until the 17th.



From the changelog;

Fixed a bug in kirby/params, which broke pagination on Windows

How can a “web-based bug” occur on operating system level?

Did it affect ALL browsers on Windows (and never on, let’s say, OSX, Linux, etc…)?

Don’t get me wrong - I am honestly interested in this;

I’ve created many bugs myself :slight_smile: But they always were browers / render-engine related (not OS-related, since the web is OS-agnostic I thought).

Keep up the good work - amazing!

BTW. Maybe the bug did occur on Internet Explorer / Edge? That’s the only browser that is OS-related (no IE on OSX for example). Well Safari is only updated on OS X - I do have a Safari on Windows, but that’s deprecated (I use it for debugging in the Safari webkite engine).

Apache on Windows has a weird limitation, that does not accept colons in URLs. This breaks Kirby parameters in URLs like:

With such a URL Apache simply display an error page.
There has been a built-in work-around for this by replacing colons in URLs on Windows with semi-colons. This works great for local development, but unfortunately I was missing a place where the replacement is done.

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Thanks for the answer!

So the error occurs when a server runs on Windows, not a (client) browser.

I thought the error occured on Windows, despite the browser (which should be interesting).

Fortunately most servers run on Unix or Linux :slight_smile:

Hallo Bastian and your team,

thank you all for the new version!


Yes, it happens on all regular Windows machines, even if you use something like MAMP or XXAMP. A lot of users run their sites on Linux servers, but develop on Windows. So it’s really good that this is finally out of the way.

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