Error in kirby demo project

@bastianallgeier, I have followed your tip:

just now and got

I assume your consent to the value entered in the panel content to be displayed on the website and not the year of the last change in the content data directory.

To correct your demo content, you can change in the file “\site\templates\project.php” line 8 from

<li><b>Year:</b> <time datetime="<?php echo $page->date('c') ?>"><?php echo $page->date('Y', 'year') ?></time></li>


<li><b>Year:</b> <time datetime="<?php echo $page->year('c') ?>"><?php echo $page->year('Y') ?></time></li>

The webpage shows “2015” for all of the three projekts in the website e.g. at “/projects/project-c”, where they show 2012, 2013 and 2014 within the panel.

The code in the browser shows (php = 5.4.27):

<li><b>Year:</b> <time datetime="">2015</time></li>

This error was already present in v1, but was never corrected!

Another new error: :wink:

at “/contact” and on the “/home”-page the link to the kirby forum needs to be updated from to this NEW forum at

@bastianallgeier and @distantnative:
This issue has not been corrected in the current beta ( yet.

I’ll have a look at it :+1:

Pull Requests:

It would really help to get these types of issues as an issue on GitHub.

This issue is not fixed yet, but I cannot change the type of this post.

I hope that the error that is described on the top item of this page and at, will been eliminated in Kirby version 2.2.

@distantnative or @texnixe:
Please change the wrong “Solved” to “Issues”.


It is already an issue on GitHub, so no need to reopen it here.

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