Param on the home page don't work


At first, I started to use $_GET variables but found out that Kirby has a built in function to handle parameters.

Home does not work, on localhost

This does not work works (home on localhost with param)


This does work (child page on localhost with param)


The result when it’s not working is a 403 error.

Try it

  • Add /year:2015/price:1231 to your localhost home page. Does it work?
  • Add /year:2015/price:1231 to your localhost child page. Does it work?


  • I even tried a default Kirby installation with the same result which means, no routs, no plugins installed.
  • I use a default setup of WAMP on Windows.
  • It does not work on home on localhost but work fine on home a real domain.
  • It does not work on home on localhost but work on a child page on localhost.
  • With home I mean root page /


  • Why does it work live but not on my localhost?
  • Why does it work on my localhost but only on child pages?
  • How can I fix it or find out what is wrong?
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Guess it has to do with the server settings it your httpd.conf, but I’m not on Windows, so can’t really advise and suggest to google a bit.

Google did not help me this time. Thanks anyway!

If no more suggestions are coming in I’ll use get-variables. They work on all pages including the home page.

I encounter the same problem working with params() and param() …

other pages other than home work, online work, home-site does not work offline.

Do you also use Windows? If so, please use ; instead of : as a separator or use url::paramSeparator(), which will get it right automatically.

Just out of interest: Why does it work with : on a child page but not on the start page?

If I understood how Apache on Windows works I’d be a rich man. :wink:

I only guess:

On Windows we can open an local file with someting like


There we need an ":" for the drive, e.g. "C:"!

I had the same problem, and not only on the homepage. Anyway, turning all the “:” into “;” it works (I’m also using Xampp on Windows). Thanks for the hint!

The strange thing is that I run into tis issue with the latest version of Kirby.

It’s a general Windows issue, I don’t think we can fix it directly in Kirby. This is why Kirby supports ; on Windows. :slight_smile:

A workaround can be to not use these kinds of characters at all. At least I did. If I really need to have some kind of variables I use GET variables instead.

For categories or tags I always create pages for them as I see them as any kind of page. For me a category should be visible and contain unique content as well. Good for SEO.

But again, that’s just another way out. :slight_smile:

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I agree that creating category pages is good for SEO!

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Just a doubt: I’m working on a Windows machine so “;” just works,but the production site runs on a Linux server: will I have any issues with the “;” separator?

As Lukas mentioned above, you can use url::paramSeparator() to make it independent from your environment.