Issues with date in the blueprint

Hi everyone, I’m new to kirby and I’m working on a website where the posts have a date fields.
It worked well when I parsed the content into it, but now the date change everytime I save. and I can’t change it. It has affected lots of content. I tested to managed the backoffice bluerprint on both chrome and firefox (I thought It may be a plugin that change the inputs ?).

I still can’t understand where it came from.
here is a video of this behavior :

Thanks in advance.


Which Kirby version are you using? Does this only happen with the date field, not with other input? See also Panel issues | Kirby CMS

It’s using Kirby on php 7.4.2 I also use the plugin pagetable

So far, the input errors happen only on the date

And is the date actually changed in the content file (and only displayed wrong in the Panel) or does the value actually not change? Also, please update to Kirby 3.6.2 and test again, because the date field got a complete overhaul.