Date Field Error in panel "Can't find variable: days" after update to from 3.4.4

Hi there!

i have got a problem with date fields which appears after updating form 3.4.4. to In my Kirby installation there are several blueprints in which I use date fields. The part of the blueprint code looks like this:

  label: Saisonbegin
  type: date

Everything works fine in 3.4.4 but after updating to instead of the date input field, there is a “Can’t find variable: days” error in panel. Every other field is editable normally. This Error appears in every blueprint which has a date field. Even in a fresh blueprint where the only field is a date field when I create a new page.

i configured the config.php to get localized German date output with:

return [
'debug'  => true,
'date.handler' => 'strftime'

I’m totally clueless, any ideas? Thanks a lot!

Have you cleared/deleted the media folder after updating?

Yes, I’ve cleared the media folder. And also the sessions and cache folder.

Hm, can you reproduce the issue in a fresh Starterkit?

No, I can’t reproduce this in a fresh Starterkit.

Hm. Are you using any date related plugins? Custom code?

And you said the same error happens when you create a totally unrelated blueprint and create a new page from this new blueprint?

Hi, sorry for the delay. I don’t had a change to get back to you earlier, sorry for that!

So, I don’t have any date related plugins or custom code. The only thing I do date related is to switch the date handler in the config.php to ‘date.handler’ => ‘strftime’ but that I can’t reproduce in a fresh starter either.

Hm, I’m at a loss. In what format are dates stored in the content files?

The standard yyyy-mm-dd format. Could it be a mixed use of blanks and tabs in the blueprint?

Tabs are not valid in blueprints, always use spaces. And definitely not mix.

Ok, I’ll check that my editor has used Tabs in the beginning.