Panel/Kirby adds one day to the selected date

when I select a date in a date field, like 2019-08-15, then the numbering of the folder, based on that date, becomes 2019-08-16. Sometimes, saving the page modifies the input to match the +1 day.

someone help

here’s my blueprint for the date field:

    label: Start Date
    type: date
    width: 1/2
    default: today

and my input in the panel:

here’s what I have for the numbering:

num: "{{ page.from.toDate('Ymd') }}"

and what the folder is labeled:


and here’s the info code:

info: '{{ page.from.toDate('M d Y')}}'

and how it appears in the panel:


I have reproduced the problem consistently and it is happening on multiple local installs of Kirby using different templates and I’ve noticed it also happens on one of my live installs, but since the date isn’t too important it hasn’t bothered me until now.

none of this is any different from the samples and from what I can research, so I think it might have something to do with how the panel is processing my input?

See this bug description:

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resolved this by defining the timezone in the config file, but haven’t checked how this is affected by another timezone yet.