Issue with link field email links

I’m having an issue in the Panel with the email option within the default link field. When I use the link field to create an email link, it does not stay in place in the Panel. It does in the front-end but, if I navigate to a different page in the Panel and come back, the link no longer displays as a link. (Other link types are fine.)

Step 1: create the link.

Step 2: the text becomes a link.


Step 3: save the page. (Note that, if I come back to a page where the link has disappeared in the Panel, adding the link back again is not considered a change and I am not offered the save button.)

Step 4: Navigate away, come back and the link has gone.

Meanwhile, the link remains a link in the front-end.


Why do email links not visually stick around in the Panel? Is it a bug or is it my implementation? I get the same issue across a number of Kirby 4 sites, all running 4.2.0.

It would be great to get it working as it’s a confusion for client editors.

Is that a link dialog within a writer field? Or does this also happen with a standalone link field?

If found this issue: Writer Field: Email link not highlighted after refresh · Issue #6115 · getkirby/kirby · GitHub, maybe it’s that?

Hi, Sonja.

Yes, the problem does occur when using the link mark in the Writer field. Sorry, I should have been clearer on that. So, it is the same as that GitHub issue. I had removed the email mark from a custom text.yml blueprint for the Writer. Adding the email mark back in does solve the problem.

But I do agree with distantnative and Bastian (in the GitHub issue) that with the new link field that’s packaged with Kirby 4, it would make sense to merge it with the email mark.

Thanks for your help.