Weird behaviour on writer field

Hi, any idea about this issue? Writer field: trying to link the selected test, the form box comes out WITHOUT the url field…


Have you just updated?

I have installed the 4.0.3 release.

Have you cleared the media folder and the cache?

From which version have you updated?

Do you use any plugins? If so, which ones?

Is that a stand-alone writer field or inside a text block?

Now I’ve update the site to the 4.1 but I still have the issue.

Trying to answer to your questions:

  1. yes
  2. from 3.x (sorry I can’t remember)
  3. yes - the following:
  4. I have both cases, and no one works.

I’d try disabling the outdated plugins, i.e. the xmlsitemap. Also, if you cannot reproduce it in a fresh Starterkit, there might be an issue with the theme. Is there an update for it? Does the theme include any plugin code?

Thank you texnixe. As always you were right and the cause was a plugin… Link Field | Kirby CMS is not available for k4 yet!

There is now a native link field…Link | Kirby CMS. Don’t know if it helps

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