Writer field - anomaly or a dream come true?

Hello. I setup a writer field for my client to input some text with limited formatting - bold, italic, etc. The client copied and pasted content into the field and something magical happened. A new dropdown appeared that allows the user to format headers and lists. See screen shot below.

This is not the normal behavior of the writer field, but I really wish it was. I know we have the builder, but sometimes I do want to offer a simple, single space that provides these simple formatting tools (bold, italic, link, header, list).

Is this extra option (shown above) an anomaly or some hidden feature? Because I would use this all the time if it’s a feature of the writer field.

I can reproduce this when I copy&paste a list from somewhere. But while the list options have an effect, the headings don’t.

This is some sort of weird bug, I’d say, not a feature.

It’d be a great feature. Anyone agree?

Specifically I’d be great to include headers and lists among the other marks that the writer field offers. I’d say images and files can be excluded.

There is already a feature wish on feedback.getkirby.com somewhere.

Oh. Cool. Thanks @pixelijn.

Interested parties, upvote this feature!