Is Kirby's license FLOSS?

Hi all!

Reading through the License page there no such definition or term used as Free / Open Source software license. Thinking though how things work with Kirby:

  • source code is transparent and accessible
  • source code can be modified and redistributed by keeping intact the same license agreement
  • you must pay a fee to use the source code on a public server

To my eyes this covers the basic Free Software core rules (or almost).

Am I understanding this correctly? If not, eager to know more.


We don’t use the terms FLOSS/FOSS because our license is still proprietary (= neither GPL nor BSD nor MIT nor any other common libre license). There are certainly details that are not free/libre, so it wouldn’t be fair to call it that. One of those details is that you may not redistribute modified versions of our code.

Our goal is to be as fair as possible while still ensuring the continued development of Kirby through license sales. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!

If I can share a suggestion, or impression, I believe it would be useful to put on the License page a clear statement saying basically what you wrote just now.

Eg: explicitly framing kirby as a non FLOSS project, even though it might look like it could possibly be. Especially given that paying for FLOSS is being done and it exists as an option.