Introducing the Pluginkit

Hey everyone,

Today, we are releasing the Pluginkit and the corresponding extensive docs on plugin development.

The Pluginkit is a boilerplate for plugin developers that will make it easier to create plugins that can be installed manually, as a Git submodule or via Composer without much effort on the side of the developer or user.

Of course, plugins that are built in a different way are still compatible with Kirby.
By following our recommendations, you can however increase your plugin’s audience by supporting all methods to install plugins and fulfilling the expectations of plugin users from different plugins. The goal is that all Kirby 3 plugins can be installed the same way, without having to think about it.

We have three guides to start with:

Another one specifically for Panel plugins will follow at a later point.

The Pluginkit is only possible due to the valuable insights and feedback from our lovely supporters in Slack. Again, thank you to everyone who helped us. :heart:

Lukas from the Kirby team